Porting Kaffe to a new Plateforme

I had port JIT engine to Alpha Tru64 and GNU/Linux Alpha in the past and I know how it's difficult to understand correctly intrp and JIT engines with only sources as documentation. I had write this document latter while I was porting intrp engine to Darwin (Mac OS X) operating system. In the same time I was writing JIT back-end for PowerPC.
If you find some bullets in this document, send an email to egp@free.fr. All comments are welcome. If you want to fix typo or grammar use SGML sources only and send me "diff -u" result. Never fill-paragraph NOR reformat them.


August 30, 2001 Publish version 0.2. Read HTML. Download source port-kaffe-0.2.tar.gz.
August 19, 2001 Publish version 0.1. Read HTML. Download source port-kaffe-0.1.tar.gz.

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